Earn more with Conversion Optimization

Braxton Tulin - Friday, May 17, 2013

The importance of conversion optimization can never be emphasized too much. How else can you measure the success of your website? These days there can be no greater stage for businesses to showcase themselves and attract potential customers than the Internet, and the website is the online face of an organization. There has got to be greater traffic to your website. More traffic provides greater chances for sales at your website, but traffic cannot be taken as the only indicator of success. The traffic must actually result in more and more visitors becoming your customers.

Something more needed for ensuring those conversions

So while efficient SEO, social media optimization, link building, PPC ads, email marketing and other aspects work for increasing quality traffic to your website and building up its rankings on the major search engines, converting traffic to customers, or conversion rate optimization, requires all this and a little more. The latter deals with leading visitors to your website to stay there and cultivate the thought process to actually buy the products featured or sign up for the services.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization deals with the most important aspect of any e-commerce or business website - how many of the website visitors actually stay on to check out the products or services offered by the website owners and then sign up for them. Website conversion optimization services offered by a reliable SEO company focus on this aspect and ensure your website actually performs well and helps increase your earnings.

Website conversion optimization is closely linked with the bounce rate. The lesser the bounce rate of a website, the greater its chance of improving its conversion rate. Professional SEO services have a wide range of services including services to improve the bounce rate of a website by enhancing the brand value of the business, highlighting its expertise and improving its online reputation.

Conversion rate optimization services as part of professional SEO services

Among the website conversion optimization services on offer by an SEO company include:

-Reviewing customer queries and calls,
-Carrying out metrics analysis which is a detailed study of the factors contributing to users visiting your website, viewing the pages they viewed but not performing the expected transaction,
-Analysis of the usability of the website for the end user as well as customer perception,
-Multivariate tests of page layout, page content, headlines and other elements of the conversion funnel,
-Fixing any issues such as outdated content, broken links, inefficient navigation and calls to action, and unprofessional website design,
-Landing page optimization for ensuring the visitor spends more time at the page and the website,
-Researching inconvenient URLs and replacing them with user-friendly ones,
-Updating the security certificates, secure lock icons and other security features,
-Improving the e-shopping experience for users by incorporating modules that display related products or services after users have already added stuff to their shopping cart,
-Carrying out effective reputation management, and
-Researching websites of competitors for analyzing their secrets of success and studying what they do differently in the fields of special offers, discounts, online coupons, interactive mediums, etc.

Sign up with a reliable SEO company, like Utah SEO Company and let these conversion rate optimization services help you increase earnings and gain the vital edge over your competitors.


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