Four Essential Features Every Mobile Advertising And Marketing Application Must Have

Braxton Tulin - Saturday, May 04, 2013

As technology continues to open up doors for corporations to be involved in the ever increasing opportunities for mobile advertising and marketing, developing a mobile app is essential to success. A mobile marketing app is one which a user downloads onto the smartphone or tablet computer and can easily find information about products and services, contact customer support and browse through a catalog for ease of shopping. Some apps even enable for over the air purchases to be completed through a web catalog or POS terminals in a store.

A mobile marketing and advertising app can contain almost everything that a regular website can. While this is something that can be done, it is not required to do so. Customers nowadays go from one mobile app to another in search of those that will give them what they want now. To remain a consistent part of your customer's lives you need to give your app the means to provide value. Here are four essential features your mobile advertising and marketing application needs to deliver on that value.

Create A One Touch Environment

Customers want, and use, apps that are going to be easy and do not require a lot of multi-level interaction. One, and at times two, touches are all that people desire out of their apps to satisfy their most immediate demands. For a mobile marketing software your contact information, directions to a nearby store, web site access, and product search should all be at the very beginning level of the app.

One touch access to your company information will enable users to find out the information that they want quickly and with ease. All of these features should also be tied to a method of calling you directly with just the touch of an icon or button.

Give Users the Ability to Share

Social media is a effective force in the world today. News is broken from around the world to the rest of us almost instantly. And with all of this is the ability to share it with our own fans and friends. The same principle is at work within mobile marketing and advertising. When developing a mobile software for your corporation is must contain the ability to share products and pictures is a tremendous benefit.

People love to share what excites them. Enable within your software the ability to share through multiple areas like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and via Text and Email.

Automatic Coupons For Visiting and Purchasing

Another essential ingredient to a quality mobile application is taking benefit of the GPS function in most smartphones. By utilizing this feature, your application can present automatic coupons that are based on visits and purchases at physical store locations. Once a predetermined amount of visits has been reached, the software can then alert the user of a specific deal they are now qualified for. This not only gives incentive for more client involvement with your software, and store, but also gives you the ability to engage with them on an ongoing basis.

Include An Instant Method for Purchases

Starbucks and other leading retailers give their application users the ability to make purchases directly from the app while in their stores. Other applications, like Amazon and Wal-mart apps, give users the ability to implement their built in shopping cart for making purchases. Studies have shown that consumers are starting to purchase more with their tablets and smartphones than through their computer. This is mostly due to the "always being connected" culture we live in today. Taking advantage of this will help you to stay within the lives of customers.

Get a head start on your competition by creating a focused mobile marketing and advertising application for your business and products. When planning out your mobile marketing app keep these four essential features in mind for a complete shopping and information experience.


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