LED Billboard Advertising

Braxton Tulin - Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Before the digital age, outdoor billboard advertising was limited to paper, vinyl, painted, or mechanical billboards. Now, outdoor billboard advertising has gone high-tech through LED billboards. What are LED billboards? LED billboards place ads on a computer screen. In comparison to traditional billboards, LED billboard advertising offers the following advantages: more intriguing ads, easier display of multiple ads, and the ability to place ads on buildings.

The most obvious advantage of LED billboard advertising is the quality of the ads that can be placed through it. With LED billboard advertising, ads are more realistic-looking since they incorporate video. In fact, some LED billboards actually contain full-length commercials. With this ability business owners can get more of their message out to consumers, especially if the LED billboard is located near an intersection where drivers would have to stop at red lights. Doing this gives them more time to view the whole commercial.

The next advantage of LED billboard advertising is the ability of billboard companies to display more than one advertisement at a time. With traditional billboards the only way to display a different advertisement was to take down the original one. The exception would be for mechanical billboards. If they are non-computerized, they can show up to three advertisements within a few minutes of one another. If they are computerized, (which is typical of mechanical billboards with a scrolling ability), they can show up to 30. Yet, with LED billboard advertising, there is really no limit to how many advertisements can be shown. And changing them is as simple as clicking a mouse button and/or entering a couple of fields into the computer.

Lastly, LED billboard advertising can be displayed in non-traditional areas, such as buildings or small signs. New York's Time Square and Las Vegas are excellent examples of places that have tons of LED billboards placed on buildings. In fact, the practice is also popular in Japan and other areas where high-tech is all the rage. And it should be obvious why it is popular. When LED billboards are placed on buildings, they take up much less space than they would if they were on a larger, more traditional billboard. They can also be an excellent marketing tool for the businesses, since they can show clients a commercial about their products or services right as they are about to enter the store. What other ways are there to build up last-minute shopping momentum?

In conclusion, LED billboard advertising is a revolutionary option for businesses that can afford it. It allows for more elaborate ads and the process of interchanging is much easier. They can also be placed on buildings and other locations where a smaller billboard is more convenient. Granted, LED billboard advertising has yet to replace traditional billboards, especially in rural areas, but they are still highly popular in very urban metropolises. And perhaps as the technology improves, there may come a point even in our lifetimes where the only type of outdoor billboard advertising available is in LED form.


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