Significance of Conversion Optimization

Braxton Tulin - Saturday, May 18, 2013

Conversion optimization is an art of testing and tracing desired changes on landing pages of website to maximize the ROI. It is mostly ignored by many digital marketing agencies but it is an effective technique to improve website sales and revenue. For a successful digital marketing campaign conversion optimization is essential. Only generating visitors on website is not everything. The visitors should get converted into potential customers to get better return on your investment. A better conversion optimization drives potential traffic towards your website.

What is Conversion?

When visitors follow your defined path and purchase or take actions which you have defined is called conversion. Take for an example, is an e-commerce website and conversion will happen only when visitors will purchase something from This purchasing of product by that visitor leads to a conversion. For different websites conversion is different. Some website owners just want some visitors to click in but some of them want loyal visitors/customers to go through the process of sign in and sign up. So here you can see, the meaning of conversion is different for every website owner.

What will happen if website not optimized?

If your website's landing page or conversion page is not optimized then you are definitely in trouble if we consider your business and sales from that website. Just being online means you are losing your big bucks over it. Without optimizing your website's landing pages you will lose traffic and the conversion. You will become hooked up merely by driving more and more traffic to your website.

So, what you all need is to hire an interactive marketing agency for optimization purpose.

Why it is a Need Nowadays?

To Build Trust: It is very important to gain visitors trust. Many shopping websites do not display SSL security encryption details on their transaction or site pages. This causes insecurity to visitors and they are forced to leave your website without purchasing product even if they intended to do so. Due to this you lose your visitor's trust and definitely sales. So display the security features you have on your website for smooth and trusted online transaction.

To Groom Usability: - It's found that some website's landing pages take visitors into wrong direction and they lose their customers even if they want their services. It is recommended to test your website page navigation properly whether it is in right way or not. Improve your website page navigation and go through all link breaks.

To Make Page Eye Pleasant: - Build a speaking or interactive landing page which clearly explains that what you are offering to the visitors. Use voice, images and interactive video to define website product and services.

To Increase Traffic Growth: - Optimized website landing page to bring genuine visitors and not junk visitors. Genuine traffic growth increases your sales and sales increases business revenue.

Now as you are familiar with facts about website conversion optimization and how it helps you to increase your business ROI then for what all you are waiting for? It is the key towards a successful online business so, go ahead and increase your website revenue.


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