Advertising through Vinyl Banners

Braxton Tulin - Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thus it is not surprising that a lot of resources and planning goes into a business' advertising strategy. Vinyl decals are the popular medium these days and they can be seen scoring all cities and places, from high rise buildings to roads all over the country, even in far flung areas. This widespread popularity of vinyl poster means indicates the level of impact they make which causes businesses to opt for this medium. The advantages of using vinyl placard are quite vast and they can be looked at in some detail and explained as follows. Firstly they are cost effective, which means that companies that are just starting out can and should definitely think about utilizing these.

There are many companies that specialize in the production of vinyl banners and they charge competitive prices for producing them. Secondly vinyl hanging can be placed anywhere. Despite the fact that gaining a central billboard is quite costly but now there are numerous places in which vinyl poster can be put up at a reduced cost. Thirdly using vinyl sign gives the impression that the company or business is established and has something to say for it. The uses of vinyl flag are quite diversified as well.

The vinyl banner can be used to spread awareness of the new products in the market and how they can be used. They can also be made to announce important news about a business or an outlet, like a sale for example. It is preferable that a business manages to secure a certain board for their vinyl banner for an extended amount of time. This will enable customers to associate that certain board with that brand which would lead to a certain amount of anticipation.

The impact that Custom Stickers have cannot be exaggerated. The fact that vinyl streamer are such a popular advertising medium is quite obvious. If a huge vinyl banner is placed at a strategic location, it is bound to catch the eye of hundred of potential customers that pass by each hour. Also if the vinyl banner is made colorful and interesting it can add to the positive image of the brand. Therefore to reach out to customers and spread awareness about a brand, vinyl poster should definitely be employed by businesses as the main medium for their advertising. The visual impact that vinyl placard make, especially if designed well leave a lasting impact and make a good impression of the brand being promoted.

There are many benefits associated with getting vinyl poster printed. First it is a well-known medium. People know that businesses that are well-established especially will utilize these as a medium to attract consumers. It thus also gives a product the image of being well-known. Second the larger-than-life size of Presentation Folders is surely an advantage. Mostly when travelling on the road, people are bound to notice large images especially. If these vinyl banners are designed in the right way they can add a huge benefit to your advertising campaign. For example, the vinyl banner could be made to depict the brand-ambassador, the slogan of the brand, or any other thing that catches interest. This means that colors and designs play a huge role where vinyl banners are concerned. The more attractive they are, and the more they appeal to the aesthetic of people, the more they will contribute to making your brand more popular.

6 Quick Tips For Your Print Advertising

Braxton Tulin - Thursday, April 18, 2013
In the the past few years, we have witnessed a significant drop-down in the popularity of print advertising. The lower cost and few measurable options for online advertising has actually attracted a lot of business owners in today's market place. However, most professional advertisers will agree that print media is an inseparable channel of advertising that should be used paralel to online advertising channels in order to reinforce all online marketing efforts. In today's market place, print advertising is still acting as a valuable promotional tool for reaching out to individuals for the purpose of promoting businesses, products, services etc. Simply by using these six quick tips, you should be able to increase your ROI on your print advertising campaign.

1. Use a simple layout Never over complicate the advertisement. If it looks cluttered people would hardly understand what it is about. When it comes to fonts and colors, always try to keep it simple. Apply the K.I.S.S Kkeep It Simple Silly) procedure. Generally a white background with black text looks good and has highest level of contrast, which makes it easy to read. Never use a reverse printpeople find difficulty to read while texts in black background. If you plan to use colored backgrounds ensure to use the font that would make reading an easy affair. It is always better if you use not more than two different font type in an advert. 

2. Use a picture/photograph A high quality full color picture printed on your Postcard Mailer can convey a powerful message in regards to the purpose of your mailer. It can tell an story line that is related to your products and services. You can allow the picture or photograph to take the center stage and have your sales copy support the picture rather than the other way round. However, if you are planning to use a photograph or picture in your advert, there are few things you need to remember to make it work for you. First, never put any text over the photograph, this will obscure the picture and even makes the text difficult to read. If you are using any photo of a product or service, try to focus your text copy on subjects that are relevant to the image. Another thing that you need to keep in mind before using pictures is that never use them unless they are relevant to entire purpose of the ad.

3. Include a picture caption People who look at photographs or pictures always have a tendency to read the picture captions if there are any. If the caption fails to grab the attention of the reader, he/she doesn't make an effort to go through the entire ad copy. If the caption works well, the ad gets read. So, using a powerful and relevant picture caption can be a very effective print advertising tip. 

4. Headlines at top and not company logo! There are many business owners who think putting up their business name or company logo on top of their advertisement help branding their company. These people consider this technique to be the most effective Print Advertising tip but in reality this doesn't grab reader's attention. Instead what grabs the attention of the readers is an eye-catching headline relevant to the advertisement that is focused on providing a solution or direct benefit to reader. Leave space at the bottom for the logo, name and contact details of the company. We have tested this particular subject and found out that longer explanatory headlines, noticeably produce higher response rate than short crispy headlines that sounded overtly smart or cute. Your headline should tell what your advert is all about and should relate to the reader in a logical and emotional manner. 

5. Stress the benefits of the products/services and not their features Always stress on the benefits and not the features of your products or services. Remember you are providing services to your target market not to yourself. Your ad copy should clearly state "what's in it for client" not how great your company or product is. Focus on the instant and measurable benefits that your products and services can produce for clients. 

6. Great print advertising should contain clear and visible call to action Imagine you receive a great postcard mailer that has all of the elements of effective advertising and printed by professionals as well. But there are no mentions of what exactly this beautiful printed piece is about! or what should you do with it! Remember, you are not sending your print advert to a museum for archiving! rather to a potential client that should be able to clearly understand the purpose of your ad in just a few second. Design your advertisement with a strong call to action. you can use statements or bullet points to draw the attention of the readers and on each side of your print you must have a clear call to action and your contact information.

Large Advertising Agencies Vs Small Agencies

Braxton Tulin - Friday, April 12, 2013

The one thing that a lot of advertising agencies claim is that they can cater for the needs of both large and small companies but when it comes down to it this might be stretching the truth slightly. What an advertising agency can realistically provide you with depends on a number of factors, which includes the size of the advertising agency and the size of the company that work needs to be carried out for. On top of this it depends on aspects such as budget and how long the advertising campaign needs to be running for. It is based on these factors as to whether you have your promotion and marketing performed by a large or small advertising agency.

There is a lot of debate around as to which is better a large or small agency but in all fairness neither of these can truly top the charts as what each of these has to offer differs. However it is automatically believed that a large advertising agency is always going to be better just because it is bigger. This isn't the case and the best way, as well as the only way, you can really judge which is better out of a large or small advertising agency is by looking at them in regards to your own business.

Lets start by first looking into small advertising agencies, these can, like large agencies, perform work on any size company however they are most suited to smaller businesses. The reason that I say this is because small companies will be able to afford them and the agency will have no trouble carrying out the work as it will be on a smaller scale, a large company however would need a long running advertising campaign on a much larger scale, something that a smaller agency may not have the resources to commit to, meaning the company may not gain all of the promotion and marketing that they are hoping for. So does this mean that large companies should stick to large agencies and small companies should stick to small agencies?

To put it simply yes, however there are a few exceptions to this, for example a small company could approach a large agency to produce a little bit of their overall advertising campaign or a bigger business could go to a smaller firm as a way of getting their advertising done inexpensively. However other than situations like this the above statement pretty much rings true.

There are a lot of large advertising agencies available to us but one of the most notable is Ogilvy, which was founded in 1948 and started with no clients and simply two members of staff. Today it has more than 450 plus offices in 169 cities and stands as one of the eight largest advertising networks in the world. Agencies such as this one hold the same concept as other leading ones, which is that smaller companies simply wouldn't be able to afford an hour's consultancy with them, let alone have an ad campaign run by them. It is agencies such as this that target and help the big players, for example some of Ogilvy's previous clients have included corporations such as Ford, Comfort and Nestle.

All companies want the best for their brand but where large companies are concerned they can afford the best advertising agencies to provide them with an advertising campaign that will get them remembered. It is clear that an advertising agency such as Ogilvy would only be interested in bigger brand companies who they hold respect for, in all fairness working for a lesser known company would do nothing for them. It is through aspects such as this that the evidence clearly stacks up; small agencies = small companies and large agencies = large companies.

4 Best Strategies For Large Posters Advertising

Braxton Tulin - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Want to know what the best strategies are for large poster printing? This is not just about wholesale poster printing. I am going to list  seven of the most effective and traditionally successful strategies that use large poster printing for advertising. Get these tricks right and you will have your color posters getting a lot more attention and responses. Let us start with a classic but basic strategy, deploying posters where the density is.

High traffic area deployment. The first best and standard strategy when it comes to advertising with large posters is to deploy them at high traffic areas. Your posters are large for a reason of course. They are that size simply because they are meant to be seen and read by a lot of people. It is a must that you give them the opportunity to do this by securing a location where lots of people pass by or hang around. Bus stops, train stations and high traffic walkways are just some of the examples of high traffic locations that you can try out.

If you can deploy your large posters to these locations, you will definitely have a more successful and efficient marketing campaign. You will have more readers reading your posters per piece, giving you more impact for a lesser effort.

Repeating large posters: Another great basic strategy for large poster printing and advertising is to repeat your large posters in one location. Sometimes one large poster is not enough for people to notice your poster message. By repeating the posting of your posters in several close locations, you can slowly drill in your poster message to them. In time those readers will probably start noticing all the similar color posters in the area and finally start reading what all the commotion is all about.

Interactive large posters: There is also another great strategy in large poster printing involving some interactivity. If you have posters that are a bit larger and have almost life-sized images and prints, you can actually make your posters a little bit more engaging to readers by making them a little bit interactive. This can be as simple as printing a poster that has a background that people can pose in for a picture. You can have an interesting background that simulates how a person looks in the beach or it can be a funny background where the person in front of the color poster might look like he is doing something else when their picture is taken.

These interactive posters can be the life of a party and you will definitely get a lot of great marketing and advertising done with them.

Question posters: You can also use the "question" strategy for large posters. This strategy involves using a question to catch reader's eyes and hook them into reading the rest of your poster message. All you need is to ask the right question that should really attract your target readers. Once you have that, you just need to print that question prominently in the poster, and people should eventually respond quite well to it. People like answering questions or discover the answers to tough questions. You can take advantage of this curiosity when you do print large posters by doing a little advertising as people learn the right answers to the question you posted.

Hopefully you can use these advertising strategies for large color posters effectively. If done correctly, you will gain lots of benefits with such a little investment in poster printing. 


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