Google Adwords Advertising Strategy

Braxton Tulin - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

While Google AdWords advertising is not for everyone, I don't think anyone could turn down $100 of free advertising for their site! Google offers all new clients a $100 coupon to try out their services. There's absolutely no commitment to carry on, no automatic billing should you forget to cancel, no deposit, just good old fashioned free money! Simply contact a Bennion Marketing representative for a "Google AdWords advertising $100 coupon"

But, it Costs too Much!

Free coupon aside, the main complaint of most people who try Google AdWords advertising is the cost. People will pay several dollars per click through for some high competition keywords. That's like paying several dollars for one visitor! I have a technique to lower that cost. I woke up this morning, logged into my Google AdWords account and saw an average of $0.14 per click, much better.

Lowering Advertising Costs

The key to lowering the cost of click throughs is with Banner advertising. While this takes a little more time to setup, you can generally hit highly competitive keywords at around 5-15% of what it would cost you for text ads. This is still the same highly targeted traffic as you would get from those text ads. I want to address two concerns you may be having right now:

 You don't have to have a fancy expensive graphic design studio to make banners - you can download a free graphics design tool called "gimp" that you can design your banners with

You don't have to be a graphic design artist - I designed all my banners myself and I have zero training in any artistic discipline, it's simply about getting your message across. My click thorough rate is around 0.37% which may seem low, but considering the average banner click through rate of 0.2 - 0.3%, it's actually pretty good! (Source: Wiki Click through Rate)

Optimizing Banner Campaigns

Here are some general tips that I have followed to get decent click through rates at a low cost per click with Google AdWords advertising.

Keyword Research - focus on 2-3 main keywords that are 100% related to what you want to advertise. Copy those keywords into the Google AdWords Advertising Keyword Tool to get some more keyword ideas. Try and build up 200-300 highly targeted keywords, as specific as possible to what it is you are advertising. This doesn't have to be done all at once, but try and start with 50-100.

Banner Design - it's even more important to focus on your banner's message than keyword focusing. You want visitors to click on your banner that are interested in exactly what you are advertising. For example, if I am advertising whey protein isolate, I want my banner to convey exactly that. Not whey protein, not protein, not nutritional supplements, I want people to click on my banner that are specifically looking for a whey protein isolate.

Bidding on keywords - Google AdWords advertising works on keyword bids. You specify the dollar amount you are willing to pay for someone to click on your banner. I generally keep the same bid for each keyword, but you can manipulate each keyword bid individually for more targeted keywords. Start off low, around 15c. If you don't get any traffic after 24 hours, increase to 20, then 25 etc. until you get the level of banner impressions you are comfortable with.

Banner Population - Google AdWords advertising allows you to upload various sizes of banners - you want to upload at least one of each size! This is important. For your specific market, people might be focusing on a 728x90 size banner, maybe a 250x250? Who knows? You want to exploit the banner size that people may not be using, or not using as much. For me it was the 300x50 size banner.

Here are the Google AdWords advertising accepted banner sizes:

 300 x 50 Mobile Leaderboard
 468 x 60 Banner
 728 x 90 Leaderboard
 250 x 250 Square
 200 x 200 Small square
 336 x 280 Large rectangle
 300 x 250 Inline rectangle
 120 x 600 Skyscraper
 160 x 600 Wide skyscraper

The main key here is focus, focus, focus! Google AdWords advertising can be very successful if you generate the right type of traffic - targeted traffic. If you are general with your keywords and banners, you will get exactly that - general visitors, not specifically interested in what you are advertising!

Offsetting the Cost

I generally offset at least 50% of my Google AdWords advertising costs with another Google product, Google AdSense. It's basically the flip side of AdWords, you get paid for people clicking on ads you put on your site. Also flipped is the way I show these ads, I only show text ads because I receive a lot more revenue from text ads than banners.

One word of caution, apply Google AdSense tastefully to your website. I have one ad in my side bar and one at the bottom of each article. Do not plaster them all over your website if you wish to use Google AdWords advertising - especially not on the landing page that people click through your banners to. Your banner ad will not get approved until Google deems your site suitable.

I also want to stress something else about approvals. It used to be that the folks at Google AdWords advertising would approve my ad in a matter of hours. Recently it has been 3-4 days, so be patient when submitting your ad and realize it may be several days before it goes live.

Advantages Of Travel Banner Advertising

Braxton Tulin - Sunday, April 14, 2013

Any type of internet banner advertising has become one of the most frequent and effectual technique of reaching out to the targeted customers. It happens to be exceptionally efficient since by creating blog traffic, not only the individuals but also the experienced businesses benefit from it. Several graphical promotions of ads are carried out through all these internet units. Numerous people have this perception that such advertising strategies are extremely low-cost to be practical and also that people won't acknowledge and yet that is far from the truth. It's really a very fulfilling endeavor in the part of marketing strategies and in fact is getting better day-to-day. Banner ads are placed on category specific publisher internet pages.

Today, the market industry is extremely relentless and standing up to be the finest has turned into a basic need for surviving in competition. All you should do is style and create effective advertisements to be posted and as soon as its on the internet, there are people around the world to check out it whenever they surf, in spite of their time zone or whichever place in the world that they are in. one has a great deal of alternatives ranging from pictures, videos, colorful articles, all of that could create an effect in the intellects of everyone who recognizes it.

When targeted for a range of customers like the vacation goers, today almost everyone like to do every bit of their examination on the web and therefore travel banner advertising is the best conceivable way to advertise your association. Studies have disclosed that almost 78% of tourists decide to consult internet sites for making bookings, ordering tickets, browsing for travel packages, look for reviews and every other feasible travel guide required.

Online travel banner advertising would ensure an accurate idea of the quantity of people who have seen the advertisements.

The individuals are also not compelled to look at that ad. It is only when they click on it that they get a full view and idea of what the ad says. These ads also help customers to share their enquiries and send suggestions. Making use of web based applications would also aid in increasing traffic into the site thus contacting greater number of people.

The sales leads displayed through online banner advertising is generally of a higher quality. Since it is meant for a target specific followers, people gain access to the most appropriate ads with decent ease. Booking flight tickets, rooms in hotels, having the best prices on travel package deals has become very easy and time saving now.

One of the many benefits of travel banner advertising is , it is cheap as already stated. Since, costs on other forms of promoting are eliminate; it saves a large amount and is priced at much less for internet advertising. It is considered to be extremely effective means than through established forms like newspapers, Tv and journal. This is one rationale why any existing company big, small or medium can afford to advertise through banners on the website and consequently make money from it making such a business campaign a beneficial success.


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