Web based Email Marketing Software

Braxton Tulin - Sunday, May 26, 2013

Web based email marketing software is a significant element for any electronic mail oriented marketing strategy. The power to connect with prospects and foster those relationships into repeated business transactions is an important part of the profitability of that company. When choosing this type of application, there are numerous options available, so it is imperative that you choose the software that best fits the requirements of your company.

Even though you will find computer based solutions for email marketing, this has come to be to some degree impractical, due to the portable society we live in. In our day the majority of people work from notebook computers together with other portable devices, creating the necessity of a web - based tool. Web based email marketing software addresses this necessity by allowing the business owner access to not only their email database, but also to the complete marketing platform. Which means that the business owner can be actively creating, deploying and monitoring marketing campaigns although away from the workplace.

In the case of online email marketing solutions, there is a number of options for businesses of all sizes. On the low end of the scale are free web based systems that provide basic capability and restricted list size. These systems will perform basic auto-responder and contact management functions; however, they will also generally place paid third party advertising on any outgoing emails that you send. Most businesses that begin with a free system ultimately move to a paid platform for greater functional capability and to get rid of the third party advertisements from their communication.

The primary solutions vendors in this arena are subscription services that offer complete email marketing software packages. These providers include such top names as Mailigen, Aweber, Business Catalyst and Constant Contact. These companies offer the primary functionalities of contact management and email auto-responders; however, their services go far beyond these basic features by offering features that will make the marketing a business does more effective and efficient.

The extended features offered by these web based email marketing software providers begins with the customization capabilities that are offered to their customers. The ability to customize the marketing pieces used by a company are crucial to developing a brand recognition with their prospects. These customizable features should include lead capture forms, lead capture pages and email templates to name a few.

The capability to assess the strength of any email marketing campaign is another critical feature found in the top level paid services. The information delivered by the software provider should provide information as to which people are opening their emails, how many times those emails are viewed and what links the reader has clicked on inside the email. Additionally, the application should give the business owner the flexibility of developing separate campaigns that target individuals on the email marketing list, based on their responsiveness to previous emails.

Over the past few years the power of social media has been seen in the business world. It is just as important that any piece of web based email marketing software include social media integration. For example many of the top level services possess the ability to send a tweet to Twitter and a post to Facebook anytime an email broadcast is sent out to the subscriber list. Moreover, many of the current software vendors offer social media sharing capability within the actual email message itself. This allows the reader to easily share the content of that email with others in their social network. This sharing creates a viral component to any email correspondence being sent.

There are numerous great web based email marketing software providers. Take the time to evaluate the capabilities of each system to ascertain if it is a proper fit for the needs of your business.


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