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Fun things to do in photoshop cs4

Just stack up the images and make frames from layers and that is it. You can stitch an animal's head onto any human body, but maybe try to think of funny combinations too. It will be where the image is repeated. This is a fun Photoshop effect that tests your selection skills by merging selections with a blur filter. It is a risky process. Another fun thing to do when you are just learning is changing the background of your images. As the name suggests, Content Aware Image Resizing analyzes the content of your image and then limits all image adjustment to the areas of least visual importance. This is another powerful purpose for using Photoshop, and I use these 3 fun things to do in photoshop cs4 all the time! Adding two colours to your pictures can create contrasting moods or warmth and coolness. Or it will at least get very small. A must-try for any photographer! You need a short video to work with. Cool things you can do on Photoshop. Cool things intermediate or advanced Photoshop users can do when bored. 1. Action sequenced photo. For this, you will need a video and take . The link in the heading above will take you to one of the best Photoshop tutorials you’ll find. Photo by Eriks Abzinovs. Create a Cool Droste Image on Photoshop. The Droste effect is . etc etcWhat's some fun stuff to do in Photoshop CS4? Add shadows, bevel and emboss, fade, and add reflections. Go to. webdesigninutah.com and search Photoshop tutorials, you'll see . I recently got the adobe photoshop cs4 extended. But have no idea how to use it. I just got it for the fun of it. I saw a cs3 version and saw that I could do many cool things with it and that was .

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Our contributor Anya Anti has some excellent cinemagraphs in her collection. You can learn the whole process by following the link in the heading. You can use this Photoshop effect with images or text, so the options are limitless! The result is very popular with portrait and fashion photographers. Photo by Josh Dunlop Using the liquify adjustment, you can stretch out part of your image to fill your break away particles with. It works best for isolating the subject in your image or adding a creative twist to portrait photos. The Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to desaturate your images.

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High-quality lenses have an anti-reflection coating. You can achieve this effect with your camera. Meme It Stick a few different images onto a bright background and add a caption with some interesting typography. We have a simple Photoshop tutorial for adding lens flare in post-production. This photo manipulation technique uses watercolor brushes to create a digital painting. In the Danger Zone Show off your braver side—even if it's entirely imaginary—by adding yourself into a dangerous or unlikely situation. Paint Drip Effect The paint drip effect uses masks to make it appear that your subject is turning into dripping paint. Next, make the top gray layer active, and Command-click PC: Ctrl-click its thumbnail to select it. Adding two colours to your pictures can create contrasting moods or warmth and coolness.

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Clicking a button launches a hidden control subpanel for the adjustment, rather than the traditional popup dialog. Dispersion effect The dispersion effect is another fun thing you can do with your pictures. This tutorial shares the best ways to scale a photo without quality loss to help you avoid some common resizing mistakes. Pop-up Book You can take any scene and put it on the pages of a book. Or a man with the head of a fly?

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Double-click on the splash layer to the right of the layer name to open the Layer Style dialog in Blending Options. The result looks like a series of printed photos ripped up and put together. Whether you want to change colorsr emove backgroundsor add a general exposure adjustment to your photo, Photoshop is the tool for the job. This Photoshop tutorial walks you through selecting and cutting out a moon and blending it into another photo. November 14, Share I have to admit it crossed my mind. You can use the program to remove blemishesdo touch-upsor add other nifty effects to portraits. Click it and create your own stunning artwork today.