Direct Email Marketing for Small Business

Braxton Tulin - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Direct email marketing for small business should focus on incentivizing customers to act. It should provide them with a reason to move forward, a reason to entertain making a purchase and ultimately, a reason to inquire. We are all familiar with the "call to action" that marketing loves to say is such a vital part of a successful marketing strategy. Well, that requires a message that not only reaches its intended audience the way it's suppose to, but a message that provides insight into the company's product and service offering in a way that distinguishes that offering. Email marketing is one of the more inexpensive forms of marketing and a vital tool for small business owners who want a cost effective way to reach their customer base. So what are some of the more proactive approaches to email marketing? More importantly, how should that email marketing strategy be put together in order to achieve the best possible results?

Use Email for Discounts:

Direct email marketing for small business must not only incentivize customers to act, but it should also keep those customers coming back for more. One of the more proactive ways to get customers to move forward is to use email marketing for discounts on outdated inventory. Inventory is an expense that all companies, big or small, need to control. Email marketing can help small companies liquidate their outdated and antiquated product offering. In addition, it can be used to get rid of excess raw materials, spare parts and finished goods.

Use Email for Sales Promotions:

It's not always about getting rid of excess inventory, but also about helping to launch that new product line. Email is a fantastic tool to help with new product launches and introductions. Small businesses can use email campaigns to provide their top tier clients with the first shot at buying a new product. That opportunity can come with a discount and promotion for being a preferred customer. When companies want to get their new product launch off the ground, they often turn to email marketing to get it going.

Use Email for Customer Reward Programs:

Another use of email marketing is to promote existing customer reward programs. Small businesses can keep their customer base up-to-date with their existing credits and values within these programs. Consider it a statement of account, except in this case, it's a summary of the customer's accrued credit based on prior purchases. Email marketing can also be used to provide invaluable insight into a customer's current balance on these aforementioned reward programs.

Use Email for Educational Purposes:

What ultimately allows a company to dominate its market? In order to answer this question, think of how market leaders are always viewed as companies whose market knowledge and expertise is vastly superior to its competition. Email marketing can help small businesses appear as experts in their field, a valuable source of information and the first place to call when confronted with issues of a technical nature. The right email campaign can be used to educate a customer base, and this will always position the company as a leader in its market.

There are a myriad of uses for email marketing. Small businesses are able to use email marketing to retain existing customers or pursue new ones. What's ultimately required is a willingness to use the platform to its fullest. Educating customers is one benefit, but equally important is using email to build customer loyalty.


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