Email Marketing Campaigns as a Tool

Braxton Tulin - Thursday, May 30, 2013

Email marketing campaigns are a great tool. They help any business keep a personal connection with their prospects and clients. But, determining the content and frequency in which they are created and sent, is a subjective decision. We are all unique individuals. Every message you send, may have quite a different affect on each recipient. So before you hit that little send button, there are several factors to consider:

Time to Redesign: The world is changing at lightning speed and so are people's tastes and priorities. We need to be open and flexible as we modify our lives and goals to meet the challenges of each new day. Is it time to refresh and rethink our email template designs? As our businesses grow, our brand and message needs to embrace those changes. Is the message and brand you are using now still relevant for today?

Dynamic Content: What makes you read something? Most of the time, we read what we are already interested in, unless we see an irresistible title or statement. Your newsletter content should reflect that type of allure. We need to capture our reader's attention with relevant and interesting content. That is why your email marketing newsletters must be targeted to the people who want to read them. Doesn't that make sense?

Within the first few lines, state your purpose. Is it a sale or promotion? If so, is there a clear and distinct call to action? Is your landing page representing exactly what they are expecting to find? Does it mirror your message and call to action? Are you sharing tips and customer testimonials? Good content must be carefully and thoughtfully planned.

Meet your Content and Delivery Goals

Are you providing your readers with some analysis or monthly tip? Are you sharing innovative ways to improve their lives in some way with your experience and expertise? Make sure the information promised is being sent and continues to preserve its value. Don't fill your newsletter with fluff. Keep your promises and content maintained with professionalism and integrity.

Don't Spam

No one likes spam. Avoid sending your newsletters to just anyone. Take the time to build up a double opt-in list. Make it easy for people to sign up for your newsletter through emails, blogs, your website, promotions, sales, and specials. Everyone wants their privacy respected. Sending unwanted newsletters can put you in the trash bin or worse, you could be labeled as a spammer. Pay attention and become familiar with the CAN-SPAM Rules for Business.

Build and They Will Come

Building an accurate and solid opt-in address list of prospects and clients, is an essential ingredient for any success campaign. Collecting accurate behavioral data will enable you to engage your target market with precision and accuracy. How can you create a successful campaign, if you do not know what your prospects want or need? Lifestyle, age, profession and gender play a decisive role in anyone's purchase decisions.

Professional Designs Save Precious Time

Running and maintaining a successful business takes time, energy, and creativity. Many of us were not born with graphical genius or ingenuity. Why spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional designer. With the purchase of an email campaign software, you not only have the choice of professionally designed and pre-optimized templates, but will automatically have the tools needed in which to measure each campaign's success. With the right graphic image for your brand, you can concentrate on writing engaging text that will inspire the click through conversion rates every business needs.

Building Relationships

Any relationship, whether personal or business, is not easy to develop or maintain. All relationships need to be nurtured, and that takes time. You need to engage your audience in a personal way. This is where social media marketing can be a real partner to your business. Creating a blog on your website and signing up for a Facebook page, gives you a strong start towards a more intimidate form of marketing. If you are not too familiar with social media, do your research. You can easily hire writers and bloggers to express your visions online.

Today, consumers want to chatter. They are expressing themselves everywhere. Take advantage of all the open doors and windows of opportunity to converse with and connect with your prospects and clients. If you do not, your competitors will.


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